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Real Estate Investments Basics: What is NOI?

An important financial statistic used by real estate investors to evaluate rental properties is NOI. NOI stands for Net Operating Income. This is a powerful tool that gives an indication of an investment property’s potential profitability.

This article will examine real estate scenarios that use NOI and examine several methods to help with proper NOI computation.

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Real Estate Investment Basics: What is NNN?

A “Triple Net Lease”, or NNN lease, is a standard type of lease for commercial real estate (CRE). Learn what NNN means in a commercial real estate environment, how this kind of commercial lease differs from other lease arrangements, and what the advantages of leasing a triple net property are.

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Legal Remedies Against Defaulting Sponsors

Defaults are always a possibility in real estate development projects. The risk exists regardless of how shrewd a private investor or lender is.

Before committing to real estate investment, it’s critical to understand the risks involved, including the risk for defaults, and your personal risk tolerance.

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Real Estate Appraisals 101

If you’re considering a commercial real estate investment or liquidating an existing investment, there’s a good chance you might want to conduct a commercial real estate assessment. You may be curious about how such a procedure works. This article will cover all the information required to evaluate a real estate property. What is a commercial real estate appraisal? How is it done? And how can you increase the value of your real estate? Read more to find out.

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Who’s a Broker, Who’s a Dealer, and What’s a Broker-Dealer?

Most people in the real estate industry know what a “broker” is. But what about a dealer? And a broker-dealer? Do they have different roles in the industry, or are they all just different names for the same thing? It might not be apparent to know who does what. This article will explain the distinctions between brokers, dealers, and broker-dealers.

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SecondRE - Liquidity for Real Estate

SecondRE – Liquidity for Real-Estate

Real estate investors would like to always have a way out. Other investors would gladly replace them but don’t have access to these secondary transactions. SecondRE partners with sponsors to enable liquidity for their investors.

SecondRE provides real estate investors a new way to meet their money, anytime. SecondRE’s marketplace enables investors to buy and sell holdings in cash-generating residential and commercial real estate properties, with the sponsors’ blessing. 

By enabling liquidity, sponsors find it easier to attract new investors. Investors who know they can get out easily are more likely to get in.

SecondRE Inc. is an American company led by seasoned technology and real-estate entrepreneurs, who have scaled operations all the way to Nasdaq before.

We build trusted relationships with reputable sponsors across the nation to list vetted properties for secondary trade on our platform. Interested to hear more?

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