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The Future of Brokers: ATS

As technology evolves, so does the real estate industry. Most people see a broker as someone who sits at a desk all day doing paperwork and assisting customers with purchasing or selling real estate. However, things are changing and technology plays a more significant role than ever in the real estate sector. Learn what an ATS is, how it works, and why you should consider using one for your investments.

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Am I An Accredited Investor?

If you’re looking to invest in a real estate deal or a crowdfunding website, you may wonder whether you meet the requirements to be considered an “Accredited Investor.” In this blog post, we’ll break down what it takes to be classified as an Accredited Investor and help you determine whether or not you qualify. Remember that the rules surrounding Accredited Investors can change, so staying up-to-date on the latest regulations is essential. Let’s get started!

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Reg D Offerings of Interests in Real Estate 

In the world of real estate investing, there are various opportunities for investing. One such opportunity is by making an investment through a Reg D offering. For those who may not be familiar, Reg D is a rule created by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide issuers of securities greater flexibility in how they conduct their offerings.

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Real Estate Investment Basics: What Is IRR?

IRR is one of the most critical metrics for real estate investors. But what is IRR, and how can you use it to evaluate potential investments? This blog post will provide a basic introduction to IRR and explain how you can use it to make sound investment decisions. Keep reading to learn more!

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Real Estate Crowdfunding Websites Comparison

If you’re an experienced real estate investor, you know that there are many ways to invest in real estate. You can buy a commercial property outright, get involved in a joint venture with another investor, or invest through a real estate crowdfunding website.
Real estate crowdfunding websites have been growing in popularity in recent years, and for a good reason – they offer investors many advantages over other types of investments.

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The Ultimate Guide to Refinancing Commercial Real Estate During An Economic Slowdown

How can you refinance real estate projects during the current economic slowdown? Well, conventional refinancing is one option, if you can make it. In addition, you may investigate unorthodox financing options after analyzing your organization’s capital structure and business objectives. If your debt matures soon, now is the time to act and start refinancing commercial real estate. Read more here.

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SecondRE - Liquidity for Real Estate

SecondRE – Liquidity for Real-Estate

Real estate investors would like to always have a way out. Other investors would gladly replace them but don’t have access to these secondary transactions. SecondRE partners with sponsors to enable liquidity for their investors.

SecondRE provides real estate investors a new way to meet their money, anytime. SecondRE’s marketplace enables investors to buy and sell holdings in cash-generating residential and commercial real estate properties, with the sponsors’ blessing. 

By enabling liquidity, sponsors find it easier to attract new investors. Investors who know they can get out easily are more likely to get in.

SecondRE Inc. is an American company led by seasoned technology and real-estate entrepreneurs, who have scaled operations all the way to Nasdaq before.

We build trusted relationships with reputable sponsors across the nation to list vetted properties for secondary trade on our platform. Interested to hear more?

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