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Real Estate Investment: The Holding Period Explained

Every investor in commercial real estate deals with holding periods regularly. Many investors may question how sponsors determine holding periods and whether there are ways to get liquidity during the golding period.
We look at holding periods, how they work, and how they impact investors.

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Modern multi-unit housing

Real Estate Investment:  What is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 is a tax-deferred exchange for real estate investors. This process permits the owner of an investment property to sell it and buy a similar entity while postponing capital gains tax. A 1031 exchange eliminates taxes under certain terms. This is considered one of the premier benefits of real estate investment.

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Liquidity for Real Estate

What is “Liquidity” in real estate and when is it needed?

Liquidity refers to how easily an asset can be traded for money without affecting its market price. Cash is the most liquid asset you can own, while real estate investments tend to offer very little liquidity. Still, real estate investors also want liquidity, and through a new marketplace by SecondRE Inc. – this is now becoming increasingly possible!

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Multi-family building

The State of Multi-Family Real Estate Investments in 2022

The multi-family sector has seen significant growth in 2022. It poses little risk with increasing demand over the last few years. As a real estate investor, if you want to earn greater profits in less time without facing trouble, multi-family properties might be the right investment option.

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Stable Assets

4 Reasons to Consider Stabilized Assets over Value-Add

Despite the popularity of value-add assets in the real estate marketplace, it sometimes pays to go against the grain. Not only will you find less competition for stabilized assets — but also you might even fall in love with the reduced risk, immediate cash flows, and even upside potential that other investors have missed.

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