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SecondRE Marketplace enables Accredited Investors to buy and sell investments in residential and commercial real estate properties with ease! 

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On SecondRE Marketplace you get access to real estate investment opportunities from sponsors and existing investors in vetted properties. 

Multifamily at Columbus, GA 

Multifamily Portfolio in Texas

Office building in St. Petersburg

Accredited Investor, Welcome to Real Estate Investing!

SecondRE Marketplace is open to trade for U.S. Accredited Investors. 

Real estate was always a lucrative investment field, attracting trillions of dollars. However, this asset class is still, to a large extent, closed to most private investors.  SecondRE lets Accredited Investors purchase stakes in real estate from existing real estate investors, opening up the playing field with transparency and better liquidity. 

Not sure whether you’re an Accredited Investor? Check out our blog here to find out. 

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Can I sell my real estate investment on SecondRE? ​


If you bought your real estate on SecondRE,

it usually comes with liquidity enabled by default. You can put your investment for sales and get offers from interested investors.


If you invested in commercial real estate before,

and want to liquidate your investment, you probably need to get sponsor approval. We’d be happy to get your sponsor’s details to discuss adding liquidity to their assets.

Either way, terms and conditions apply, and an actual sale depends, among other things, on market demand, commercial match, and sponsor approval.

How does SecondRE Marketplace Work?

We provide real estate investors a new way to trade their investments. It’s real simple:  


SecondRE vets qualified assets for trade with sponsors. Asset and performance information is available on the asset page. 


Existing investors put their holdings for trade on the Marketplace and name their price. They can also shop around for new deals.


The matchmaking begins. Accredited Investors make bids for opportunities. If there’s a match, the sponsor approves the transaction. 


Investors receive updates and ongoing dividends from performing assets. They can also resell their holdings, subject to demand and terms. 

“My sponsor introduced me to SecondRE, as a means to get liquidity for my investment. I think it’s a great service, which brings real estate investment forward. I didn’t offer my holdings for sale yet, but instead joined as a buyer. There are many interesting investment opportunities to choose from! I’m very satisfied with SecondRE Marketplace.“ 
    — Jonathan Elbert, Investor

This testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other customers nor is it a guarantee of future performance or success.
Jonathan Elbert, Investor

We’re taking your investment seriously.

SecondRE Markets LLC, is a broker-dealer registered with the SEC,  a member of FINRA and the SIPC, and operates the marketplace as an Alternative Trading System (“ATS”). 

You can check the standing of SecondRE Markets LLC and its team of investment professionals on FINRA’s BrokerCheck.


“If you have any questions or are hesitating about joining or trading, don’t worry. Our Investor Relations team is here to support you every step of the way. We’re a click or call away!”

Shuvam Bhaumik 
Head of Investor Relations, SecondRE

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Various real estate investment opportunities await you on SecondRE Marketplace. 

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