Enable Liquidity to Attract New Investors.

SecondRE Marketplace enables secondary trading in real estate properties, while keeping you in control. 

Investors Want to Have a Way Out. Just in case.

There are many ways to invest in primary real estate projects, but no easy way for investors to sell their holdings during holding periods. While other investors would gladly replace them, they don’t have access to these secondary transactions.

Better Liquidity, More Business.

Up until now, holding periods did not allow much liquidity in real estate investments. With SecondRE, you can offer liquidity for your existing and future properties with ease. This opens the door for more investors to invest in your projects.


“You’d have a way out”

Eliminate hurdles for real-estate investment in primary offerings


“We support your decision”

Let investors sell their holdings and strengthen the relationship

investor (1)

“Welcome aboard!”

Meet new accredited investors that join your investor pool

SecondRE Lets You Meet New Investors

SecondRE Marketplace enables your investors to buy and sell fractions of residential and commercial real estate properties, at an agreed price, and with your blessing as a sponsor. Any holding that exchanges hands introduces you to a new investor, who you’d approve and contract with directly. 

Attract Investors to Your Primary Offerings

SecondRE helps sponsors attract new investors and promote their primary offerings on the Marketplace. Thousands of Accredited Investors are visiting the SecondRE Marketplace each month, many of which are invested in CRE assets and looking for additional investments. Our platform increases sponsors’ exposure to qualified investors.

Simple Sponsor Onboarding, Full Control.

Enabling liquidity for your existing properties is not at all complicated.

Choose qualified assets for the Marketplace.

SecondRE sets everything up for you and your investors.

The matchmaking begins. You get to approve each trade.

Trusted by Leading Real Estate Sponsors

Feldman Equities is a commercial real estate firm based in Tampa, Florida, having developed assets with an aggregate value in excess of $3 billion. 

“With SecondRE, our investors can sell their holdings – even during the holding period – in whole or in part, at market price. The ability for our investors to meet their money during holding periods is valuable for them and for us as a sponsor.”

Larry Feldman, CEO, Feldman Equities

This testimonial may not be representative of the experience of other sponsors nor is it a guarantee of future performance or success.

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