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The Accredited Investor’s Recession Survival Guide

The fluctuating stock market that frequently follows a recession poses great difficulty for many investors. Therefore, knowing how to manage the market on the road before and during a recession is a necessary skill. In most cases, the entire real estate market changes when a recession approaches. Learn more in our new blog!

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The Ultimate Guide to Refinancing Commercial Real Estate During An Economic Slowdown

How can you refinance real estate projects during the current economic slowdown? Well, conventional refinancing is one option, if you can make it. In addition, you may investigate unorthodox financing options after analyzing your organization’s capital structure and business objectives. If your debt matures soon, now is the time to act and start refinancing commercial real estate. Read more here.

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Why Do Sponsors Want to Provide Liquidity? 

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investments are usually not liquid at all. Liquidity is important because it gives flexibility to mobilize capital. If you can liquidate your investments easily, you can use the freed capital for other investments, respond to market trends, or find relief to financial burdens. Why would sponsors want to enable liquidity for their investors? There are actually several good reasons.

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Liquidity for Real Estate

Syndication Attorneys Podcast: Liquidity for Syndicatiors, Finally!

Liquidity in real estate syndicates has long been an issue, but the team at the investment platform SecondRE Inc. has a solution: a place where investors can buy and sell interests in commercial syndicates on their terms, and with the syndicators’ blessing. When investors know they can get out easily, they’ll be more likely to get in to your deals. Special guest Gil Siedner, VP Business Development at SecondRE, explained how it works and who can cash in during this informative podcast episode: “Liquidity for Syndicators at Last,” hosted by Kim Lisa Taylor, Esq of Syndication Attorneys, PLLC.

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Real Estate Investment: The Holding Period Explained

Every investor in commercial real estate deals with holding periods regularly. Many investors may question how sponsors determine holding periods and whether there are ways to get liquidity during the golding period.
We look at holding periods, how they work, and how they impact investors.

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Liquidity for Real Estate

What is “Liquidity” in real estate and when is it needed?

Liquidity refers to how easily an asset can be traded for money without affecting its market price. Cash is the most liquid asset you can own, while real estate investments tend to offer very little liquidity. Still, real estate investors also want liquidity, and through a new marketplace by SecondRE Inc. – this is now becoming increasingly possible!

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