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The Future of Brokers: ATS

As technology evolves, so does the real estate industry. Most people see a broker as someone who sits at a desk all day doing paperwork and assisting customers with purchasing or selling real estate. However, things are changing and technology plays a more significant role than ever in the real estate sector. Learn what an ATS is, how it works, and why you should consider using one for your investments.

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Liquidity for Real Estate

Syndication Attorneys Podcast: Liquidity for Syndicatiors, Finally!

Liquidity in real estate syndicates has long been an issue, but the team at the investment platform SecondRE Inc. has a solution: a place where investors can buy and sell interests in commercial syndicates on their terms, and with the syndicators’ blessing. When investors know they can get out easily, they’ll be more likely to get in to your deals. Special guest Gil Siedner, VP Business Development at SecondRE, explained how it works and who can cash in during this informative podcast episode: “Liquidity for Syndicators at Last,” hosted by Kim Lisa Taylor, Esq of Syndication Attorneys, PLLC.

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Multi-family building

The State of Multi-Family Real Estate Investments in 2022

The multi-family sector has seen significant growth in 2022. It poses little risk with increasing demand over the last few years. As a real estate investor, if you want to earn greater profits in less time without facing trouble, multi-family properties might be the right investment option.

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