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Top Ways Experienced Real Estate Investors Can Grow Their Net Worth

An experienced investor knows how to grow their net worth in more ways than one exponentially. He also updates his investment knowledge and techniques as necessary. Experienced real estate investors are in tune with the market and scrutinize their portfolios because they are always looking for new ways to make their money work for them. Let’s discuss several ways experienced real estate investors can grow their net worth.

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Best Real Estate Investment Options for Accredited Investors 

There are many benefits to investing in commercial real estate. So, it makes sense that accredited investors would look to it to help diversify their investment portfolio. There are many types of commercial real estate investments to choose from in 2022, but what are the best ones available for accredited investors? We look at the five best real estate investment options out there.

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Why Do Sponsors Want to Provide Liquidity? 

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investments are usually not liquid at all. Liquidity is important because it gives flexibility to mobilize capital. If you can liquidate your investments easily, you can use the freed capital for other investments, respond to market trends, or find relief to financial burdens. Why would sponsors want to enable liquidity for their investors? There are actually several good reasons.

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Good Advice from Experienced Commercial Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors are aware that the commercial real estate industry is quite lucrative and capable of providing an excellent ROI. However, for investor newbies looking to expand their portfolio, it can be beneficial to seek the advice from experienced investors. That is why we are here to help, for anyone starting out or searching for methods to diversify their portfolio, keep reading for some insightful tips and advice.

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Real Estate Investment Basics: Loan to Value

Loan to Value (LTV) ratio is a frequently used formula that financial institutions and other lenders review before they approve a mortgage. The LTV ratio reflects the loan amount you are applying for versus the property’s assessed value. Lenders frequently look at LTVs as a benchmark for how likely the borrower will make payments.

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SecondRE - Liquidity for Real Estate

SecondRE – Liquidity for Real-Estate

Real estate investors would like to always have a way out. Other investors would gladly replace them but don’t have access to these secondary transactions. SecondRE partners with sponsors to enable liquidity for their investors.

SecondRE provides real estate investors a new way to meet their money, anytime. SecondRE’s marketplace enables investors to buy and sell holdings in cash-generating residential and commercial real estate properties, with the sponsors’ blessing. 

By enabling liquidity, sponsors find it easier to attract new investors. Investors who know they can get out easily are more likely to get in.

SecondRE Inc. is an American company led by seasoned technology and real-estate entrepreneurs, who have scaled operations all the way to Nasdaq before.

We build trusted relationships with reputable sponsors across the nation to list vetted properties for secondary trade on our platform. Interested to hear more?

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