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Real estate inflation

How Do Rising Inflation and Interest Rates Affect Multifamily Real Estate Investments

Inflation drives up the prices of most goods and services while decreasing the purchasing power of a dollar. This can spell trouble for many businesses and investments, but multifamily real estate has a unique opportunity to thrive during times of inflation. Rental prices and the appreciation of the property are likely to increase as a result of inflation, and this can lead to a substantial payoff for property owners and investors alike.

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Office buildings

Real Estate Investment Basics – Cap Rates

Are you an investor who is looking to invest in commercial real estate? Have you heard or seen the term “cap rates” and wondered what it means? Cap rates are one of the indicators real estate investors use to determine the potential return on their investment.
We examine what cap rates are, why they are important to investors, and why investing in real estate can be easier today than ever.

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Liquidity for Real Estate

Syndication Attorneys Podcast: Liquidity for Syndicatiors, Finally!

Liquidity in real estate syndicates has long been an issue, but the team at the investment platform SecondRE Inc. has a solution: a place where investors can buy and sell interests in commercial syndicates on their terms, and with the syndicators’ blessing. When investors know they can get out easily, they’ll be more likely to get in to your deals. Special guest Gil Siedner, VP Business Development at SecondRE, explained how it works and who can cash in during this informative podcast episode: “Liquidity for Syndicators at Last,” hosted by Kim Lisa Taylor, Esq of Syndication Attorneys, PLLC.

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Office buildings

Real Estate Investment: The Holding Period Explained

Every investor in commercial real estate deals with holding periods regularly. Many investors may question how sponsors determine holding periods and whether there are ways to get liquidity during the golding period.
We look at holding periods, how they work, and how they impact investors.

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Modern multi-unit housing

Real Estate Investment:  What is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 is a tax-deferred exchange for real estate investors. This process permits the owner of an investment property to sell it and buy a similar entity while postponing capital gains tax. A 1031 exchange eliminates taxes under certain terms. This is considered one of the premier benefits of real estate investment.

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SecondRE - Liquidity for Real Estate

SecondRE – Liquidity for Real-Estate

Real estate investors would like to always have a way out. Other investors would gladly replace them but don’t have access to these secondary transactions. SecondRE partners with sponsors to enable liquidity for their investors.

SecondRE provides real estate investors a new way to meet their money, anytime. SecondRE’s marketplace enables investors to buy and sell holdings in cash-generating residential and commercial real estate properties, with the sponsors’ blessing. 

By enabling liquidity, sponsors find it easier to attract new investors. Investors who know they can get out easily are more likely to get in.

SecondRE Inc. is an American company led by seasoned technology and real-estate entrepreneurs, who have scaled operations all the way to Nasdaq before.

We build trusted relationships with reputable sponsors across the nation to list vetted properties for secondary trade on our platform. Interested to hear more?

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